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Claiming The Throne – Newly abandoned Bowery & Canal platforms

Published on: November 1st, 2004 | Last updated: December 16, 2015 Written by:

When the MTA closed its first station platforms in decades, we made a point of being the first in.

Why? Because it’s expect, and at the time, not really contested anyway. Despite what a few pretenders in goofy outfits tried to let on, no one was hitting the tunnels as hard as us. Perhaps their book publisher was fooled, but no one else.

Yeah, the graff kids tagged and bagged nearly every subway tunnel years ago, and homeless folks were living down here for decades before being given the boot in the 90’s, but that’s history and this is the new school. While everyone else was sleepin’ and droolin’ on City Hall stop being open for a scant few hours in subway centennial celebration, we hitched up with the usual track gang and did the smack thang on this freshly born abandoned platform. LTV: In First.

Absolutely nothing has changed it seems since this spot was ‘abandoned’ just weeks ago… In a city subway as busy and 24/7/365 as NYC’s, having a lit abandoned platform to yourself is a nice treat…






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6 responses to “Claiming The Throne – Newly abandoned Bowery & Canal platforms”

  1. Jeff B. says:

    I actually was on this platform in the summer of 1972. It looked the same. Was with a group of friends taking German Exchange Students showing them The City and actually transferred here.

  2. Control says:

    You must be thinking of a different station. This platform was in service from the day it was opened until a few days before we went. This platform looks far different now – it’s a dirty graffiti covered mess – though the lights are still on.

  3. Jeff B. says:

    I guess I should have said I was there when the station was open and in-service in 1972 and the picture you show looks the same as it did in 1972.

  4. Control says:

    Got it. The only thing they did was update the service signs. Everything else was largely left alone so far as I could tell.

    There is a closed entrance to this stop that is subject of an upcoming post – it still has a wooden token booth in it.

  5. A says:

    This is ________ right after it closed big deal

  6. Control says:

    Do us a favor and stop trying to troll this site. This is your only warning.

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