CODE BLUE. The death of the Brooklyn Correctional Facility

June 6th, 2005 by

This facility was one tough nut to crack. I had kept a steady eye on it for years before opportunity came calling: just as it's walls were being removed.

The building consisted of 3 wings, 6 floors each containing 4 large cell blocks per floor. The first 2 wings were already bulldozed, however, the final one sat untouched. In order to access this untouched, undamaged section of building though, we had to make our way up a large pile of concrete rubble and in to the building via a bombed out second floor hallway, where the floor was covered in large chunks of concrete, with even larger chunks of concrete dangling off of rebarb from above where the ceiling and floors had already been destroyed. It was as if we were picking our way through a building in post firebombed WW2 Dresden.

Once inside the intact building segment, exploration was a breeze. The lights and electricity were all left running, and the basement area seemed air conditioned at a full 20 degrees cooler then the warm humid night air outside. Not only was this basement area cold - it extended back below the piles of rubble and was, for the most part, intact despite the presence of tons and tons of broken concrete and debris piled above. This was, to say the least, a very creepy place to explore. The lights were all still on - fans humming away above the guard stations, yet you knew that at any moment the ceiling could give way, burying you under a vast amount of smashed concrete and iron.

On the floors above there were many cell blocks devoid of life. Iron bars that protected hallways had been cut open by work crews. On the first floor lay the control area: a thick windowed room with a view of every side, where keys, guns, and who knows what were stored. It was here that the alarm system control panel stood beeping - alerting a staff that no longer exists of a potential fire of the same ghostly non existence. It was the system's final cries for help, ringing out throughout what was left of the how shattered building.

The building was breathing it's final breaths that night. Within a week it was all gone.

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