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November 5th, 2005 by

It seems like whenever I get into a conversation with anyone about NYC graffiti, Revs comes up. A few more times than I care to recall people have practically foamed at the mouth (like a 'foamer' railfan might at the thought of riding a Lo-V) just to discuss his work with anyone that might know a bit more about it- as if to know of it you need a secret decoder ring. When I eventually say something like 'geez, he's just a pretty quiet guy with a hell of a work ethic', then comes the 'you met him? what the hell is he like? how can I find him' type questions, at which point I just kick myself for even getting into the conversation to begin with and walk away. I mean, crap, I live a slightly public life. Anyone with half a clue and Google ought to know we were in that same art show back in '02 (along with a slew of other people who deserve just as many props me thinks). Maybe I'm insane that I expect people to know what's already out there... maybe no one else reads half as much as I do. Whatever. What's done is done.

I suppose my point in here somewhere is that if to know of revs's work is to have some secret decoder ring, just to have met him would be like being in some secret club. Silly, yes, but that's how it seems sometimes - and only with revs. Not many otehr graffiti writers I've known have gotten that sort of iconic status - even though they all do. Over the years I've probably met all the most interesting characters in the graffiti game. Some of them I consider friends, others I just met in passing. Some I went to high school with and didn't even pay attention to at the time - probably because I was too busy laughing like the insane nutcase I was back then tagging up on the front of the school building every god damned day doing big throwys in chalk with the occasional cop walking by and not even making me eat that chalk... again, whatever. What's done is done.

I've never met a graffiti writer that wasn't interesting. Everyone else in society is boring by comparison. Average people do nothing with their lives. They Work, Eat, Swell, and watch TV. Fucking boring as hell. If that's life I rather be fucking shot or fried on a third rail, ass over easy. ...But when someone asks me about some graffiti writer I either know or have met, I generally try to change the subject - because their stories are theirs and theirs alone. I respect people's privacy... So do me a favor, don't ask me who I know, who I've met, and what their life stories are. Because unless you're going to pay me a large amount of money (we're talking huge here - well into the thousands, just so I can kick some back to them), I ain't going there.

So shut your mouth and stop asking questions. Because questions lead to more questions, and I'm not about to fall into that trap.

That said, presented below are a sampling of revs joural pages and what not. Want bigger photos? Pay me. Want to read them for yourself? Go walk some subway tunnels.Or better yet - why not shut your fucking mouth and go make create something...make your mark, and stop being a fucking jock itch.

Fucking shit...

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