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GTW aerial Photos, Adventure Maps, and Salvaged Loot

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It’s hard to describe the adventures that were had at Greenpoint Terminal without a view of the whole complex. So let’s take a look:

Aerial Photos

To keep track of the various areas of the complex we had broken into, we labeled them with numbers, going in order of access.

This overhead photo is looking west. Manhattan would be to the right, Queens to the North (top) All buildings outlined by the red line were damaged or destroyed by the May 2nd fire. (“Area 3”). there were approximately 15 interconnected buildings on this lot.

Overview of Area 3 showing the Collapse Zone and (to the right) Ra’s Lair, which was located on the top floor of the building.

Another view of the collapse zone. This area/building was the largest and most obvious of several collapsed floors within the complex.

Line depicts where we traveled on the Ryder truck night .Starting at the eastern most building, traveling west over hole filled rooftops, along a ledge over the collapse zone, down a ladder and off into GTW4.

A more detailed view of the route over the collapse zone. In retrospect, had it been daylight and I could see where we were going, I’m not sure I’d have done it…Then again, being on that ledge shimmying over to the ladder down that wall looking down into the huge hole was an experience not to be forgotten.

Yes the rumors are true, when a building is completely abandoned and likely to either be bulldozed or in this case, burned to the ground, we grab what we like before it’s gone.

The Valve sign was common all over GTW, as each pipe that ran through the place seemed to have numbered valves on them – off of which had these ancient porcelain numbered signs on them. The employee sign I like because it’s wording is so old school (‘dishonesty?!’). Ironically I was thinking of throwing this out as it’s pretty ugly looking, but there ain’t no way in hell this will be in my trash can any time soon.

Our commrades in arms over at Grimers.com Looted some very lot electrical isgns and meters – the meters, BTW – were restored and work fine.



The Flag

In 2004, when we protested the MTA’s proposal to ban photography in the NYC subway system, this flag was front and center. It was borrowed from Ra (GTW’s only full time resident squatter) a few hours before, on a night where we made a daring escape from the law.

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