Azbesty: Brooklyn Navy Yard Power Plant Night Raid

May 27th, 2008 by

Update - 4.27.2013
This post originally ran under the simple title of 'Azbesty' - which is the polish translation of Asbestos. Warning signs labeled 'Azbesty' were all over the interior of this power plant. When we originally published this writeup in 2008, we refrained from naming the exact building for a whole host of reasons that are better answered in our FAQ.

Original Writeup
Me and S head out again looking for trouble. The target of our trip this evening is a large industrial site to maybe be disclosed later. For now I'll keep it quiet though, in keeping with the grand tradition. Those that know, will, those that don't, can wait - just like your mom on the corner in her finest short stained dress.

Oh but I digress. Let's cut to the chase, into the fence, and through the doors - straight into the belly of this asbestos laden beast. The air is thick with the stuff. Far thicker than I've smelt it in years. Kings Park steam tunnels smell like a spring day compared to this place. That doesn't much stop us from doing what needs to be done, and what needs to be done immediately - as this building is going to be wiped from the face of this planet within weeks.

The asbestos abatement work is in full swing, and the trash bags full of the stuff are everywhere in the first section of the building we enter. The complex is really split into 3 practically interconnected buildings. To get to the other two from here, you have to go through the rat-maze area where workers change from their asbestos outfits into normal clothes. This decon area is set up so workers have to shower on the way out. There are no other doors. Everything is sealed up. I've seen abatement sites before but nothing this elaborate.

The rest of the building area is all very huge, as expected. It takes a few hours to see everything. But the third building section is already coming down. Huge holes in the walls and ceiling testify this fact. Bobcats on the 6th floor balcony do as well.

Having seen and smelt more than enough, we take our now fireproof selves back out the way we came in, satisfied to have seen what will, in a matter of weeks, most likely be entirely gone.

Another NYC industrial relic bites the big one, following in the footsteps of all the greats. Phelps Dodge, Sucrose, Todd, Harlem Heroin, Typhin Steel, GTW... And so it goes...

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