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Published on: December 21st, 2009 Written by:

DON’T: Actually believe you’ve discovered anything.

There’s nothing more unflattering than watching someone claim to have discovered something that is already known. 95.9% of all locations within the NYC area are all extremely well known, either by other explorers, graffiti artists, or workers who don’t label what they do as ‘exploring’ and partake in any of this online stuff.

Just about every building, quirky neighborhood or abandoned patch of land is already well known to those of us that do this regularly. Below the surface, in the tunnels of NYC, There are very few places that have not been seen by explorers, graffiti artists, and worker/explorers before them. I’ve personally only seen two abandoned stretches of subway tunnel (both very well hidden) that had no graffiti in them at all. These tunnels are known by next to no one – so how did I hear of them?

From a significantly older fellow who lead me to them. I can’t very well say I discovered these places, now can I?

In just the same way, if you read about exploring online and hear about a place, then go there and come back with many photos, videos, etc. It’s probably wise to give credit where it’s due. Going there wasn’t your idea at all, now was it? You’d not even know it existed otherwise no?

It’s a simple act called respect, but it’s one that’s all too lost in some circles. It breeds mistrust and distaste. And it’s just generally seen as lame. Give it and you get it, try to come off like you’re a solo genius, and you’re not going to be well liked by many people.

Exploring is most definitely not about following others and going places they have already been. Exploring is about going above and beyond what is known to find or ‘re-discover’ places not seen by many others.

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