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January 21st, 2010 by

As you may or may not know, We here at LTV have our own publishing wing cranking out the occasional underground completely DIY publications. We don't do it so much for the profit as for the desire to document various exploring related aspects of NYC life in print form for generations to come. That said - here's some 411 on our latest: Yard Job NYC

Out: Yard Job NYC

NYC: It's where modern day graffiti went from chicken scratch to full blown art form during the most improbable of times.

Rail Yards: Much like the subway yards before them, the freight yards of NYC have become a proving ground for a new generation of writers.

Yard Job NYC is the only book that documents this relatively obscure through thriving graffiti scene. nowhere else will you find old school cats like Chino, Wolf, Smith, Trap, and Zephyr crushing cars illegally, along side newer writers - Noxer, Staer, Celf, Muk... Completely devoid of gay-ass hipster 'street art', graffiti exists on these rails in its purest form.

Documented over many months of persistent photographing, Yard Job NYC carpet bombs and crushes the myths, exposes the facts, and brings the fresh on. can you dig it motherfucker?

Loads of sample photos and fodder that didn't make it into the print book can be found on the Yard Job NYC website, as well as in the LTV Photoscream... I mean Stream... Raaaahhh!!!!

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