China’s subway building madness.

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“You solicit views, you apply for approval and then you just do it,” Zhang Zhenbang, vice general director of Shenyang Metro. “London needed more than a hundred years to build up its metro, but we’ll need less than half that in China.”

Commentary: China has loads of money to build subways all over the place. Meanwhile here in the US, congress recently wouldn’t pass unemployment funding because they have no idea how it’s going to get paid for. Is it just me or are we not in some severe trouble?

2 responses to “China’s subway building madness.”

  1. Moe says:

    Whenever you see hge public works projects get done in any country, in any era – whether it’s the Pyramids, the Brooklyn Bridge, or China’s subway, it’s always because of two reasons and neither is money – the first is an ability over anyone in its way, either because of huge public support or (more likely) a strong authoritarian government. The second is a vast, cheap, easily exploited source of labor. If you want those two things here, we can build the SAS in 6 months.

  2. Control says:

    I’m not so sure. Vancouver built a long new subway line from planning to finish in 10 years. The Olympics were part of that surely but it also just plain made sense to link the airport to downtown. I don’t think it was hated on too much or rammed down their throats (though I could be wrong).

    You’re right though, if we wanted SAS in 6 mo. we could get Mexican day labor and throw the few people out of their homes that need moving immediately. I’d not want to live someplace like that. I certainly don’t like some of what already goes on around here – Atlantic yards, Columbia U’s Harlem evictions, Iron Triangle fiasco, etc.

    My main point is the USA is broke. The ‘stimulus package’ is definitely nowhere near the New Deal. Even if we had the political will and cheap labor, there’s no cash to build new public pools and housing, no cash for new highways, no cash to even properly maintain the tunnels and bridges we have. That’s the scary part…

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