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Exclusive: LIC Banksy Crushed Immediately

Published on: May 21st, 2010 | Last updated: May 16, 2016 Written by:

Not 12 hours ago word spread about a new Banksy being up (located in LIC – not an area natives want such stuff). It has apparently already been Demolished. Floydy McCrotchPants arrived at LTV HQ with a drive containing these photos…

Look at this MFer, he didn’t even bother to put his coffee cup down to destroy this shit.

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20 responses to “Exclusive: LIC Banksy Crushed Immediately”

  1. lic native says:

    LIC natives dont like graffiti? oh no! what will we do about 5pointz then??

  2. Rick says:

    Another savage

  3. Control says:

    LIC Natives like real graffiti, Banksy is Street Art.

  4. NigeraPlease says:

    These tourists need to go back over the pulaski br. and keep their ‘art’ where it belongs.

  5. gilly says:

    another banksy has been found in harlem – quick send the masked graffiti crusader to cover it up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and take more pictures !!!!!!!!!!!!! (SO EXCITED RIGHT NOW)


  6. Athenais says:

    Yer just jealous, man. Banksy is a fekking genius. If you don’t like his stuff, then at least cover it with something better. Now that wall is just an ugly waste of space, nitwits.

  7. Control says:

    And you’re just sucking on his dick. Bye,


  8. ghosts says:

    Enjoy the 15 minutes. Piggybacking is the only way anyone would see these talentless hacks. You all can thank Banksy later.

  9. Angel10 says:


  10. Control says:

    I’ve had more than 15 minutes myself over the years, and so have those that actually dissed banksy works. That you don’t already know who some of these cats are is telling of your lack of knowledge. Go back on over to some banksy cock suck forum where you can pretend he’s actually talented. banksy should be thanking you for the internet BJ though. Bye.

    Who’s next?

  11. mycity says:

    hey control your probably the biggest fag on here telling everyone to suck dicks! and ur def a pussy, cause if u were a REAL writer then why the fuck are u on here posting videos and pics of u doing ur shit? i mean come on kid,seriously? first off being suck a writer that u are, why the fuck do u have THE WORST HANDSTYLE EVER, i shit better hand styles than that. SECOND like ghost said u are piggy backing the fuck out of banksy! so it seems like ur taking about just as much time as all these other cats to spot a banksy piece as fast u can! so honestly im starting to think ur the one who has a fetish for banksy,seems like u have been sucking his dick far too long kidd! and when i see some pieces that actually look legit enough and that dont hve a lame ass tag of omar on it then u can judge what banksy does! AND FUCK ALL YOU CRITCS WHO SAY BANKSY AND OBEY ARE SELL OUTS, because they are getting paid to do what they love and they still go bombing! shit DONDI WHITE was one of the first writers to break into galleries and if u think dondi is a sell out then u def dont know shit about REAL graff! haters keep the world turning, so keep sucking banksys dick CONTROL,OMAR, whoever the fuck u are cause ur giving him the most props ever pussies!lol silly toys make me laugh!

  12. Control says:

    WOW. The only reason I’m approving your comment ‘mycity’ is to show the world what an illiterate moron you are.

    You probably shouldn’t comment on things you clearly know nothing about. You definitely shouldn’t comment on anything, anywhere for that matter with your inability to compose proper sentences and grammar (and perhaps your parents permission, do they know about you sneaking onto the internet? Maybe I should send them an email?).

    So tell us something about yourself, ‘mycity’? How old are you? Have you graduated grade school? Do you have a learning disability? Or are you just another retarded clueless fucking fagatard trying desperately to impress yourself by taking up an argument on the internet that you can’t possibly win? Without even knowing anything about you other than your completely retarded post, I am 100% positive you’re the toyest loser in Chicago. You probably never write because your obese mom won’t let you leave your house. You’ve never done a tag, let alone a throwy or a piece.

    I should perhaps thank you for providing me with a good laugh. Imagine, a clown from Chicago preaching a lot of nonsense to me, a guy from NYC who grew up in and of graffiti.

    Don’t bother replying, I’m not going to waste another second on your insignificant self loathing ass.

    You Lose.


  13. ACF EXPNYC says:

    Nice comments flame war read.

    Don’t know why, but it’s amusing to read flame wars.

    Don’t have an opinion on the matter, but boy did that Banksy shit get destroyed. It looks so ugly right now.

  14. Kizza says:

    That Omar fella did nothing to make the spot better.

    = lack of progression = shit.


  15. Control says:

    Neither did Banksy. Owner of the building painted the wall within 48 hours. It’s all vandalism.

  16. xsm&m's says:

    Hey control, can I now what do you have against banksy??

  17. ritche says:

    He destroys the art..!

  18. Control says:

    Yes, Banksy destroyed art.

  19. Pathetic capping.. you are just a jealous washout.

    Dont bother commenting or even approving, will never check this site again.

  20. Control says:

    Fuck you, I’ll reply and approve if you’re stupid enough to post here.

    You’re the moron posting on the internet and then pretending you’re not going to sit in front of your computer hitting refresh waiting for us to rip you a new one so you can jerk off.

    It’s hilarious that months after this banksy diss, you banksy jocks are still coming to this blog every week crying about it. Your page views drive up our CPM revenue. Thank you fur supporting the dissing of banksy!

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