Get the fuck out of NYC: How to score free boxes.

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This is one of the saddest things I’ve ever seen:

What’s worse, there are people who try selling used boxes on Craigslist in NYC. These people probably bought boxes and feel ripped off, considering how much office supply stores and moving companies charge for such things.

Moving in NYC is always an interesting time. Few are the people with the cash to pay for actual movers. There’s plenty of Mexican moving companies that don’t charge much, assuming you know some basic Spanish and don’t mind trolling around Home Despot parking lots or the streets of Corona. More often you’ll see people rent their own truck and move themselves.

But where do you get boxes from?

Craigslist’s ‘free’ section can be helpful, but really, you’re better off walking down commercial strips at the end of the day. Often you’ll find plenty of boxes outside of stores awaiting trash pick up. Electronics stores are good, liquor stores have strong boxes. You want to avoid supermarkets though – those boxes tend to be nasty.

If you’re looking for the motherload though, head over to any big store that has a dumpster out back. Usually you can park right next to it (yeah good luck moving boxes if you’re a cycle riding hipster). You’ll find hundreds of free boxes ready to be recycled for your moving purposes. These photos are from behind an Old Navy. The key here is to hit spots that don’t sell food. Food=bugs, smells, etc.

For smaller boxes, try the post office. Flat rate boxes can be good for packing delicate items, and you can pack those boxes into bigger boxes you loot from your favorite retail spot.

In a city as big as this one, it is completely ridiculous to buy boxes anywhere. Don’t waste your money, and ‘recycle’ at the same time. Once you’re done with them, feel free to post on CL where people can come find them, so anyone not bright enough to get them from stores will drop by and give them another round of recycling.

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  1. team awesome says:

    That’s cardboard gold in them there dumpsters….get yo craigslist on kid!

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