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McCarren Pool 1980s Graffiti Exposed

Published on: June 8th, 2010 | Last updated: October 16, 2016 Written by:

One of them Hot 80s cars you always wanted.

When we first entered the former locker room areas of McCarren Pool, I was most pleased at this discovery. It is and was probably the most impressive graffiti discovery of 2010, period. While I know that is a huge, huge statement to make, you really must understand what we have here in these photos to truly appreciate the extent of the situation.

All of these photos were taken in 2010. All of the graffiti you see here (well, with one or two exceptions) was done inside the locker rooms of the pool during the 1980s. The date range of these tags runs from 1983 to approximately 1987. It is rather easy to conclude that during the years immediately after the pool was closed, the entire site was completely abandoned – doors left open, and vandals taking full advantage. At some point in the late 80s the buildings were sealed up with concrete and reinforced iron. From that point on, even while the exterior of the building became an illegal graffiti haven, no other graffiti artists gained access to the locker rooms.

Drips was apparently here first. Just like all exploring, the taggers get their first.

Yeap, those are DOORS lyrics in there.

Resk (90s) with 80's graff.

F5, Utah, Ether (90s Graff in the lifeguard shack)

NelleNel, Dic, Eagle

This is most likely the last graffiti find of this variety in NYC to have survived until 2010. I can say this with a high regard of authority, having been in nearly every abandoned building within NYC over the last 20 years. The stock of abandoned buildings here was decimated during this time. Out of hundreds of such buildings the only intact walls of pure 1980s graffiti I ever found was the Graffiti Room in Greenpoint Terminal Market.


Speedo, JB, WH

Yes that is a Twisted Sister logo.   I WANNA ROCK!

Tags on Tags

These photos represent a small portion of the dozens I took of this amazing graffiti find. Sadly, as of this last month, the locker rooms at McCarren Pool have been completely gutted. No trace remains of nearly all of this graffiti. These photos are the only proof it ever survived this long. I am of course, most pleased to be able to present them to you. Enjoy.

Stay tuned for tomorrows episode, where we go deep into the tunnels (!!!) and expose even more amazing finds.

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4 responses to “McCarren Pool 1980s Graffiti Exposed”

  1. ritche says:

    Nice photos but vandalism destroys its beauty.

  2. Control says:

    I completely disagree, though that is a moot point. It’s all been cleaned and sanitized.

  3. Barney Golob says:

    I realize many wikipedia articles contains copyright violation or licence violation. how do i do this..

  4. Control says:

    Have sex with your sister.

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