Remember Cardillo

July 29th, 2010 by

When I saw this...

...I figured I'd have to post it and you know, explain it a little. After all it's not every day you see graff with such a message.

April 14, 1972, was one of the darkest days in the NYPD history. Patrolmen Phil Cardillo and Vito Navarra were riding in 28 sector George. They were the first RMP to respond to a 10‑13 (officer in need of help, immediately) on the second floor at 102 West 116 Street.

After arriving and entering the building which was a mosque they questioned about 10 muslims at the front desk about the call. Suddenly the muslims shouted "Allah Akhbar", more muslims came from rooms, then the officers were beaten and stomped by numerous black muslims.

What followed is probably one of the darker days of NYC history. Click on the link above for some more details. It's rather hard to believe such a thing ever happened here, but it's all 100% true. It's when the elected officials sold out a bunch of working class stiffs in the name of keeping the peace with a bunch of filthy animals that for some reason decided it would be a nice day to kill someone for no reason whatsoever.

Don't get me wrong - I'm not a fan of the petulant tactics NYPD brass mandates it's officers to do these days. (Stop and frisk. and the paper shadow database tracking that comes along with it, illegal subway bag searches, unwarranted DATs, harassing people with their feet up on the subway in the middle of the night... These are all very stupid methods of harassing civilians just to meet the 'performance standard). But these are orders that come down from the a-holes at 1PP, who have completely lost touch with reality. I hate those motherfuckers - not the rank and file cops on the street just trying to earn a living under trying circumstances.

These 1PP a-holes are the very same people who covered up a murder just so some politically connected 'black muslims' wouldn't start a riot. No one should go to work minding their own damned business and then be killed for no reason, regardless of their job. Fuck that. They shoulda rolled up in a tank and blown the whole damned building up, not tried to cover it up.

When Chuck Rangel final kicks the bucket, I look forward to taking a piss on his tombstone. I hope many of the others are rotting somewhere nasty. Nevermind ethics violations, let's jut charge the scumbag for what he did 40 years ago: conspiracy to cover up a murder.

3 responses to “Remember Cardillo”

  1. MattW says:

    Remember Cardillo…

  2. gilly says:

    “when i saw this……I figured I’d have to post it and you know, explain it a little. After all it’s not every day you see graff with such a message.”

    you should correct yourself..isn’t the truth that you tagged that on the wall? you make it sound like you just stumbled upon it somewhere when it clearly says the name of the blog in the tag.

  3. Control says:

    No need for corrections, more people than even I’m aware of claim to be members. I certainly take no responsibility for such matters. Though this one did provide good ‘rant’ fodder.

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