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Published on: September 9th, 2010 | Last updated: September 7, 2010 Written by:

9 ) Does LTV subscribe to the ‘take only pictures leave only footprints’ ethic?

Sometimes. If a place is about to be bulldozed though, and clearly no one cares about the location, it’s stupid not to take things out of said location and either reuse them or donate them to historic societies and nonprofits, etc. How many tons of shit end up in a landfill each year that could have been reused by someone somewhere? How is this any more acceptable than polluting the planet even more?

Laws against taking obviously abandoned rubbish need to be changed. Before a building is bulldozed – it’s contents, wiring, furnishings, etc should be offered for free to whoever wants to reuse it. This planet cannot sustain landfill growth forever, and we here at LTV believe 200% in green sustainable loot distribution solutions to this growing ecological crisis.

All too often this ‘ethic’ is used by ‘urban explorers’ to make themselves seem more ‘l33t’ or pure or perhaps less criminal minded because hey, they’re ‘only’ trespassing and not committing any serious crimes. These same ‘ethical’ explorers though are all too happy to jump through that broken window or fence hole that some other actual explorer had the balls to create as an access point. At best it is hypocritical nonsense, at worst it’s puritanical ridiculousness that makes the entire hobby look even more warped than it needs to.

Live and let live, give a hoot don’t pollute… and if you really must, go ahead and grab that loot!

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