OMG FAQs 10) Graffiti and Exploring

September 10th, 2010 by

10) What’s all this graffiti stuff? What does that have to do with exploring?

Everything. ‘Exploring’ in NYC evolved directly from graffiti. Back in the day graffiti artists explored all the time to find abandoned places and subway tunnel spots in order to paint. This same tradition holds true today. You will often find abandoned building interiors decorated with impressive murals. In the past, no graffiti artist would bother creating elaborate works in such places. but in today’s internet world, artists can use any wall as a canvas, and abandoned buildings, walls, tracks and tunnels are all perfect places to spend a few hours creating these works of art.

We appreciate art in all its forms. Anyone that doesn’t appreciate art probably shouldn’t be exploring in or living near NYC… because this town is full of amazing stuff everywhere you look. Creativity in this town is second to none. NYC is where Graffiti blossomed into a full fledged art form, so there should be absolutely no surprises in finding amazing artworks being created in the most obscure corners of this city.

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