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11) How is exploring in NYC different than anywhere else.

We’re the best at what we do. it’s that simple.

As a result of 9/11 paranoia, there are mroe security cameras, motion sensors, and supicious poeple around than anywhere else on this planet. There are more members of the NYPD than there are in the entire US Coast Guard. And if they find you drinking in public or being a dick, you’re in for some serious shit (‘going through the system’ – aka – being in jail for at least 24 hours before seeing a judge who might decide to keep you…)

Exploring outside of NYC usually entails dealing with little or no security, cops who’ll give you a warning at best, and few seriously dangerous locations. Abandoned buildings can be a hazard, but they are absolutely nothing compared to subway tunnels with infinite ways to get killed in them. They are nothing compared to CSO Drains that can fill with water at a rare of 6 inches per minute (with next to no exists, mind you).

By now you should get the idea: Exploring in NYC isn’t for idiots.

And if you come here for a visit and you get over once, don’t think you’re hot shit. try getting over 365.

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