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September 30th, 2010 by

A few members noticed this club and it sat on a 'to-do' list for months. An initial recon run found all the doors locked tight with double layer doors and no windows at all. This should not have pushed this location onto the back burner of the investigations list but it somehow did. Normally such a laps in protocol would never be tolerated but let's face it, booze money and women are way more interesting than old abandoned buildings - and anyone who says otherwise is a lying sack of cat crap.

Eventually a report landed on my desk about this location  - and from all the possible members,  it came from a female. According to her there was indeed access . She entered only to find there was a beeping sound from some sort of alarm system. They aborted but were planning to go back. You'd think some of our hyperactive sexually overdriven 20something boys would have lead the pack into this place, but eh... maybe the memo didn't get on their desks either.

LTV Squad: Now hiring 'minister of memos' - please don't apply, we will find you. At home. While you're sleeping.


Abandoned strip clubs are very rare in NYC. Often a club will close, only to reopen a month later under a different name. This one was shut down for over a year, so it seemed clear no one would be reopening this location. With fresh intel on hand we went to take another look.

The access point was perfectly discrete and able to accommodate a team of 4. I personally lead the way inside and confirmed my own suspicion - the alarm was coming from a broken fire alarm panel. At this point it had been beeping for at least a week with no one showing up to turn it off. Clearly no one gave that much of a shit about this place, though the fact that power is still on means someone somewhere is paying the bills.

The club interior proved to be everything you'd imagine - bar with stripper poles on a stage behind it in the center of the building. Behind the stage were all those secret rooms your mom works in. There was a VIP lounge complete with it's own stained couches and stripper pole.

>But there was something else going on here. In the back there's a room with a ladder and paint buckets. The bar is coated in dust, but there's stacks of tools and equipment sitting on it dust free. There's a jobox locked tight, probably full of pricey power tools.

>Next to a dirty sink behind the bar I find a 2010 yellow pages. Huh. This confirms our suspicions about the power still being on - this place isn't completely abandoned. That doesn't really bother any of us, but the extreme heat in here does. The hot summer combined with no windows has made this entire building one big oven. Content with the crappy photos (walls painted black, not really the greatest for photography), we bail out and are pleased to be back on the midnight streets where the temperate is probably around 85... that's got to be 20 less than inside the box...

Time for more booze. Another night, another mission.

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