Maksim Gelman’s many Flickr accounts and YouTube appearance.

February 18th, 2011 by

All week I've been getting reports of Maksim Gelman's various flickr accounts. In the graffiti world, he was slightly known by his tag names: Max, Wes, and WS.

In 2007-2008 he created at least 4 flickr accounts:

"Couch Bombay' - (Created: March 2008)
'Maxwell' - (Created: January 2008)
'MaxerBlaster' (Created: February 2008)
'BentleyBK31' - (Created: March 2009)
'23allisee' - (Created: September 2007 )

Something to note about all of these accounts: None of them listed any contacts, and most photos seemed to have minimal views (0-20 tops, few comments), so no one was really looking at them much (thought that will likely change in the coming days I'd imagine)

This account may have been one of his as well:
(Created: Feb 2008 - same time frame as the others). It features no photos and only seemed to be used to comment on the accounts above. Fake keyboard commando beef? Could be.

The scant few comments that were in some of the photos seem to show the same amount of beef with other writers he found on the freight tracks of Brooklyn. Here's 2 examples:

(Now, I know what you guys out there are thinking - look at that ass - so here it again, zoomed in. Here's a good a place as any to note that Max seemed to hang out with this girl for a minute. We can only assume whoever she is, she's counting her blessing today, and could probably make some coin talking to the press at the moment)

He also loved the Beef on everyone's favorite Tagpage Replacement (who here recalls tagpage?!)

On a more comical side, one of his profile pages states he had it on auto login so he wouldn't loose the password again. This probably explains why he had so many flickr accounts, though it doesn't explain at all why he didn't just use password recovery. I'd imagine he changed email addresses often as well.

Now on to his YouTube appearance:

Max seemed to hang with the Acid crew on occasion - he even makes an appearance in a trailer for their dvd, which is still on youtube as of today (2/18/2011), here:
Wes/max is from 0:39 - 1:05

Just to round things off, in case you missed it, one commenters thinks he's hot:

Disclaimer: We here at LTV are not accountable for the apparent depravity of some commenters.

Reminds me of that chick who married Richard Ramirez, the LA 'Nightstalker'.

This wraps up todays (and this week's) Maksim coverage. I hate to say it but we'll probably hear more about this cat in the future as he goes to trial, etc. Much thanks to T, Julie & Indent for pointing more towards most of this.

12 responses to “Maksim Gelman’s many Flickr accounts and YouTube appearance.”

  1. Julie says:

    You summed it up pretty well ๐Ÿ™‚ still cant understand the whole “why” but seems like hes had issues since a young age, I blame the parents. Btw just heard hes been indited and “If convicted Gelman faces 175 years to life in prision.” so Desmi good luck with that lmao.

  2. Alex says:

    Goe & Gemz are a couple .. Max just chilled with them

  3. anna says:

    Alex…if goe &gemz r a couple, why does max refer to gemz as his baby? He noted it one of the flicker pics..? Confused…

  4. anna says:

    Ok…ignore last comment. Its like this: Goe’s account is “couch bombay” -that’s not maxsim’s accout. And gemz is goe’s girl..not maxsim’s. There’s evn a pic in maxsim’s album whr captions thr tags with “my favorite couple.”

  5. Control says:

    anna, thanks for sorting that out. I wasn’t 100% sure what the deal was there.

  6. Julie says:

    Or.. Max made all this up and created “Couch Bombay” and spoke to him self in “third” person … wouldn’t be the first time (unlikely but possible). Btw passed Ave X & McDonald Ave today on the corner I saw WES tags all over .. nothing special as usual.

  7. annaa says:

    Hey thank you for posting this all in the first place, u got me started… So here’s my summary of the accts u found…guess I had a too much downtime on my hands :-\ …feel free to laugh at me.

    Account “Couch Bombay” – this is goe. Gemz is his girl, as per comment “my baby in action.”

    Maksim’s accounts: Maxwell, Maxsterblaster, Bentleybk31, 23allisee. His allies are: neck, rush, deco, seze, ichiro. Affiliation w HDM & Acid.

  8. anna says:

    oh & “the forth cycle” acct is not his. Its an enemy…this guy dissed Goe. Ok…I’ll stop now lol

  9. Desmi says:

    I still think he’s hot.

  10. Armand says:

    Free Max!
    murder is never cool,
    but the dude had issues…and a dust habit.

    i sypathize with the shit she has gone through,
    prison kinda avoids social and personal problems.
    hopefully he gets professional help behind bars.

  11. anna says:

    Hi julie & control..thx for circling back & updating me.

    Lol to desmi ๐Ÿ™‚ But strictly looks wise only, yeah he could be kinda hott…given the rite swagger &minus a prisn jumpsuit &murder rap….

    Thx all !

  12. desmi says:

    That makes it even more intresting ๐Ÿ˜‰

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