Hey Noobs: Lying gets you nowhere.

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At first I wasn’t going to post this one, but it’s kinda too funny not to:

This thread on a ‘ue’ web board recently came to light:

I took screen grabs in case it gets deleted – here’s the start of the thread:

Now if you’re anything like the goons I roll with, you can spot BS a few miles away- and this guy’s story doesn’t add up. Let’s look at one of his photos:

Anyone that’s ever walked, biked, etc down Vernon Blvd on the LIC/Astoria border (‘Dutch Kills’ if you want to be more specific) knows that this is the very active Ravenswood ‘Big Allis’ power plant. I know this spot well, because growing up I learned archery from a guy that worked in the power control room here.

You can compare photos with this aerial image here:

I also recognized this spot, which is NOT the above active power plant:

This is the Roosevelt Island MSW (trash) building, as seen from the Roosevelt Island parking garage:

Also, you can plainly see how he titled the photos he uploaded to ‘uer’. Pure Comedy.

This sad thread/lie was actually bought and believed on uer until a few better-natured-than-I folks pointed out the nonsense. Before that happened though, our noob friend made some ridiculous claims about police, security, etc.:

Let me quote this and rip it apart line by line:

I’m pretty sure some of the buildings on the complex were still in use, and that was most likely the reason for so much security.

Uhm – could the steam coming out of any of the smokestacks every single day for decades maybe be an indication that it’s still in use? How about the fact that there are zero abandoned buildings on the property to begin with, and that you never actually entered said property – because it’s surrounded by a god damned wall topped with barbed wire?

My friend and I hear that the factory had shut down recently, which attracted us. But that was like a year and a half ago so maybe it’s totally abandoned now.

It is not now nor will it be shut down anytime soon.

When trying to get into one of the main buildings, several police cars pulled up and I had to make a run for it. These are all pictures that I took while exploring with one of my friends.

You could not possibly even get close to ‘one of the main buildings’ (of which there is exactly 1) because it is surrounded by the above mentioned wall, patroled inside and out (don’t even tell me you didn’t see the ford ranger going up and down vernon – they are there 24/7/365). The only chance in hell you’d have of getting on the property would be via boat – and if NYPD rolled up on you, your chances of escape in that neighborhood in daylight are slim at best. Negative numbers really, if you’re a noob.

*ahem*. So there you have it. If you’re new to the exploring game, or whatever game you’re into, it’s probably best not to lie about anything. You should find places on your own, get into said places, and then maybe, just maybe, people will know you’re not a noob, know you’re not a cop, and maybe meet up with you.

I don’t want to be a hardass and discourage anyone wanting to get into the exploring game: all are welcome… except liars. If you can’t be trusted, no one is going to want to know you.

NOTE: Argumentative comments completely devoid of facts (supply links to support your arguement) will not be published.

5 responses to “Hey Noobs: Lying gets you nowhere.”

  1. Julie says:

    What a pathetic looser, does he really not have anything better to do?

  2. Martin says:

    Hey i wanna get into UE after exploring your website but i would never take it as far as that loser

  3. AN10 says:

    Within the graff scene we have one word:


  4. Control says:

    I agree.

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