Don’t lose your head.

Published on: May 30th, 2011 | Last updated: May 31, 2011 Written by:

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It’s finally hot out, and roads of NYC are a fucking mess because that asshole Mayor of ours doesn’t know how to fix a fucking pothole, or send an ambulance for that matter. NYPD response time? 10 minutes. EMT response time? 30 minutes. And this lunatic wants to cut emergency responders more? Makes total sense to me.

Ride careful out there people – you don’t want to be laying twitching in the gutter ‘911 is a joke‘ style.

BTW Bloomie, thanks for the potholes. You owe me a new oil pan, transmission filter and gasket, plus labor. Mechanic says they can’t keep up with all the work coming in due to potholes. If this is your idea of a jobs creation/retention program you’re a sadistic fucking a-hole. Please choke on something and die already.

2 responses to “Don’t lose your head.”

  1. COP1 SNITCH2 says:

    Uh… I agree 1000% the roads are exceptionally bad this year, both in southern Brooklyn and northern Queens. I hope the Controlmobile didn’t get bonked by that motorcyclist– did it?

  2. Control says:

    Nope. Some guy’s SUV lost it’s grill though. Bike was really beat up of course.

    I hit a huge bump by the LIE & 108 street. I knew immediately that I was screwed. had the same problem just a month ago! Looking at around 100 in parts, hoping for free labor from some connections. I’ll be sure to send sadist-khan copies of the receipts and tell that cunt I want my fucking money back. Every weekend I see the same potholes, and the GCP by the airport may as well be a fucking dirt road. They’re not even trying to fix this shit.

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