Donkey Kong’s Revenge

May 31st, 2011 by

In a nearly forgotten part of queens one can find this tragic concrete cesspool. A true monument to the Bloomberg era of NYC governance. For only under Bloomberg has NYC witnesses an economy that was largely based on one huge 'redevelopment' scheme. Old mom and pop businesses, factories, and assorted buildings were forced to sell out - occasionally under the threat of eminent domain ( the most unamerican law ever passed) - and 'real estate developers' swooped in to tear down the old buildings and replace them with huge ugly condos. This created a temporary bump in jobs, exclusively in the construction field, but eventually crashed. This crash left ridiculous sights such as Donkey Kong's Revenge here a common sight all over NYC.

Current History: This mess of a construction site has sat abandoned now for at least 2 years, and has been stalled for at least another year or 3 before that.

This place just attracts people, and the instant someone finally cut a hole in the fence and ripped the lock off the back gate, the people flooded in. Me and Sleazy arrive upon the scene and within 2 minutes find a Mexican sleeping in one of the man plywood construction rooms on ground level. Unimpressed with his insufficient stock of alcohol, we make our way to the next set of construction rooms and find blueprints scattered in the wind. Anything of actual value has already been looted, though I can't say I was expecting to find much here. We head upstairs and find the open exposed mess of the upper floors to be a curious tower over the area. We spot a couple coming through the hole in the fence and wonder if they'll bother coming upstairs. Eventually we move further up, until we reach the upper level, where a Raccoon curiously eyes us from the top of the stairs. Cute but troublesome, we avoid the small beast and head back down to notGreet that couple that came in. We lurk around and manage to give them the piss shivers without even trying. They leave, and we lurk by the entrance in the dark as the male comes back in, then leaves when we hiss at him. Loser. Who's afraid of the dark? We eventually leave, searching for better loot, more alcohol, and more lame people to menace. Because when the abandonment sucks, there's always idiots to fuck with.

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