Air Suicide Spots

June 2nd, 2011 by

The year was 1990, and AIR GZ was a queens terrorists.

AIR seemed to come out of nowhere. You woke up one day, took the train to school, and there he was, dominating suicide spots all over Queens Plaza. These were spots involved climbing along beams high above the streets, out in the open where any cop could roll by and spot what you're up to. You'd have to be a crazy motherfucker to hit most of these, and that is what AIR did.

And if that wasn't enough, AIR beefed with other top notch writers, waging open warfare on anyone that went near any of the non-suicide spots he hit. You'd go by one day, and there'd be a BISE throwy, or maybe a quick SEUS piece. Next day, there'd be air throwys all over it. Battles would go back and forth for a long while. His mantra of 'You Can't Win' struck fear in the hears of toys who dared not cross AIR's path.

Just as suddenly as AIR came along, he was gone. For 20 years though, his suicide spot domination reigned supreme along the N / 7 Queens Plaza subway superstructure. Only recently did the MTA begin to repaint all of these beams, wiping away the last vestiges of this forgotten era in Queens Graffiti History.

I present these photos, of course, to keep that memory alive, and to inspire the young ones out there. Remember If you can see a spot, you can find a way to paint it.

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