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Note – this video was removed from youtube, ah well

Check this one out…

A few critiques.

0:13. he refers to the Bowery station on the J line as ‘the bowery street station’. It’s just Bowery. And yes, a lot of people are just that anal about getting station names right. Must be a real native NYer thing? (or gasp, a real foamer thing?!)

We know a bit about this station since we were the first ones to go to the half that was ‘abandoned’ immediately after it was shut down (and yes, it’s only half the station). Since the video doesn’t contain actual footage of the station, you can always check out our photos from 2004.

That’s right 2004. People have been exploring NYC subway tunnels for decades now. We’ve got a boatload of photos from the last 15 years of doing so right here. (just hit ‘subways’ on the drop down on the top left). I know a guy that was doing it in 1954… Just because you don’t see it on the internet doesn’t mean it’s some bold new thing. (It probably just means you’re not looking hard enough).

0:53. yes, you can look at the tracks (to see if it’s rusty), but no, just because they’re not in revenue service doesn’t mean they’re abandoned. These tracks were used primarily by work trains and are back in revenue service for the M line, which was rerouted during the MTA’s last round of cutbacks (as part of the elimination of the V line). One can only guess this footage is from before the M line reroute, which makes sense since Steve doesn’t live in NYC anymore.

1:22. Probably a bad idea to stand around waiting for the train when there are cameras all over, and someone might have just spotted you coming out of the tunnel.

I’m quite sure a lot of armchair civilians will view this sort of video with awe, while anyone who’s actually ran the tunnels of the NYC subway system will immediately realize that this segment of tunnel is easiest one in the entire system to visit.

Beyond these usual pointers, I have to say there’s some irresponsibility about not pointing out the dangers of going into the tunnels. It’s really not hard to get killed down there. Know the risks, and be ready to pay the ultimate price.

For a real look at just about every hidden corner of the NYC subway system, keep your nose glued to this blog and keep hitting ‘refresh’. I’m pretty sure by the end of the month you’ll see something that will blow your mind.

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  1. He reminds me of that guy that Jim Carrey movie The Cable Guy….

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