Slaps 2: The Death

September 20th, 2011 by

Oh so you thought it was over huh? You didn't count on the comeback?

Slap. Slap Slap.

2 responses to “Slaps 2: The Death”

  1. SistaMorphine says:

    High 5. 5 Speed. 5 Fingers of Death. 9 to F’n 5. 5 minutes before your father gets home.
    I tried several things to decipher the mystery of F5 haunting me… 5=letter E. FE wouldn’t like that unless it’s honoring him!!! maybe some kinda industrial or military tank component/bolt/thing that makes no sense to me, a tech expression for some kinda registry/key/who know’s…the technical jargon about F5 made me wanna puke.. Screw my fuckin’ haunted laptop. Now joined by an all-in-one scanner death trap?
    I’ll be dead soon.

    I can just imagine the lil knowing snickers…ltv-ers.
    WHATEVER THE FUCK…I LIKE IT!!! It’s really taken off since the dare I say ‘chick’ posing in an ab loc…scratch chick, insert babe. Chick’s ok between us grrrls. but I musn’t betray my rad-fem-fighter position.

    Do I miss LTV? After my cooling off period, well aware I am part of any problem involving myself…I thought of you guys fondly with some great memories. At least ltv members are intelligent, obsessive-compulsive, inquisitive, & a bit dotty…qualities I admire.
    Know I’m causing a damn ruckus elsewhere. Too much wasted time fighting with faceless user names. Kids. If I see/hear the words: my nigga, my nikka, bump, nsfw gif, cunt, oontz. I may kill somebody!!! There are some very cool, amazing crew/mods. REVS & graff obsession have turned my world into a fuckin’ mess.
    Miss ya whacked out F5ers: Control, Chef, Pegleg.<3.,pothead, bud lie, sleazy santa, devb, ericrR, et al. Most of all tho. AXE. You sick fuck. Where are my birthday balloons?

    Best, SistaMorphine xxx

  2. Control says:

    Been too long, where you at?

    Ruckus is good, keeps people in check.

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