True Subway Kings

Published on: February 1st, 2012 Written by:

To be a true subway exploring king, you need to get in long before the copycat hipster brigade even realizes what they’re missing.

That’s just what we did in 2008 when we visited the new South Ferry Subway Station, before it opened for business.

We’ve been seeing some press lately of one off videos promoting a new social site. The videos themselves aren’t that great and were actually recorded years ago – making them rather un-noteworthy today.

more than anything though, there’s no credit at all given to those whom this series stole it’s concept from. It’s real easy to follow in the footsteps of those who actually discovered these places and try to claim you’re awesome for doing so, but you’ll never convince those that know better who went first and truly deserves the credit. And when it comes to NYC Subway tunnels – that credit largely belongs to the graffiti artists of decades ago, and the subway foamers before them who boldly wandered NYC’s tunnel without sneaking around to do it.

So please, in response to that video series… take your svideorama back on over to the other coast and leave NYC for those of us that actually give a shit about the underground. Don’t front like you’re from here when you’re not, either.

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