I Love Environmental Investigation

August 3rd, 2012 by

Everyone loves 'Environmental Investigations'. it's government speak for when an abandoned factory is potentially so toxic and beyond superfund status that no one really knows how many toxic chemicals and crap are in the soil of the property.

This building has been left abandoned since as long as I can recall. Located on a dead end street in the middle of nowhere industrial NJ, this real estate is basically worthless.

There are no clues as to what this industry used to produce, though the solid concrete floors and thick wire meshed windows suggest it was once full of heavy machinery. Situated on a river and near rail sidings, it's clear some products were made here in bulk and shipped long distances.

Today, there's not much left to see. The walls have become a canvas to an intrepid few of the NYC area's most daring graffiti writers. In one corner of the building is a room of huge iron drums that once stored chemicals of unknown origin. In another corner, a homeless person has created a bunker at the core of the building. Full of canned foods and concrete walls, this man will survive the apocalypse if the radiation doesn't get him first.

In short, this is my kind of abandonment. Industrial. Hardy. Devoid of the law and society. Here, there is only survival and death. Life in it's rawest form, Death in stark light.

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