Hurricane Irene: PSE&G Shed

August 30th, 2012 by

One year ago today, In 2011, Hurricane Irene came calling on NYC. Mass hysteria broke out ahead of time as Mayor Bloombag (bag of hot air that he is/was) ordered the subway system shut down (for no reason) and predicted massive flooding in 'zone 1' neighborhoods (close to the shoreline) and ordered those areas evacuated. Few actually listened to him, though there was a run bottled water and other foods at area supermarkets.

In the end, very little happened. We spent an entire day driving through nearly every part of NYC looking for awesome odd sights to photograph, and there wasn't much to be found. A few tree limbs fell, a lot of rain poured down overnight, and few if any buildings were damaged - with one exception.

On Rockaway, we happened across this large PSE&G owned work shed that was shredded by the wind. A nearby fence was also smashed open with several loose power lines around it. if this wasn't the best invitation to danger we'd get all day, I don't know what was. So... we went in...

Stepping over downed wires of questionable origin, and walking through a stiff wind interspersed with large rain drops, we made our way across a large empty lot to the edge of this shredded building. Hidden inside was absolutely nothing. If it were not for huge concrete blocks holding the structure in place, the whole thing would have blown out into Jamaica Bay. Instead, it seems only a few strips of it were sent airborne, and what was left was a shredded, worthless mess.

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