Cope2 Snitch Video

September 26th, 2012 by

More proof against Cope being a snitch.

If this video gets deleted I’ve downloaded a copy for my records. The truth can’t be contained.

28 responses to “Cope2 Snitch Video”

  1. Digital Bath Salts says:

    Cop 2 – Kalls Detectives

  2. ShaolinSoulja says:

    Damn shame that grown ass delusional Fat Boy thinks resorting to some dirty underhanded immature shit like this would get something accomplished. Had he have toyed me like that back in the day, I’d have curb stomped his stupid ass and kept his teeth as a present. Fuckin’ lame.

  3. For the record, I did not actually post that video on YouTube.

    I left comments on the video stating such, and they kept getting deleted within minutes.

    Whoever uploaded the video(and is hiding behind my name) doesn’t have too much of a grasp on basic grammar/spelling, which gives me a few good ideas as to who it could be. I’m not going to point any fingers because it doesn’t really matter. At this point everyone knows where Utah and I stand on the matter of Cop2 being an informant, a liar, and an all around shitty person.

    That being said, glad to see the video back up on the interwebz, even if someone had to hide behind my name to get it there. We will see how long it takes for Cop2 to call the YouTube police and get it removed.

    I kinda wish I had been hit up to edit the video, I could have made it more coherent. But again, I think everyone gets the point. It’s pretty priceless how on the voice mail he acknowledges the emails between himself and Vandal Squad Detective Dubroff. At the end of the day fuck snitches, that is why their mini-vans get the rusto flat black paint job ๐Ÿ˜‰

    That’s how we gets down on whole cars in the Bronx in 2012.

  4. Control says:

    I questioned who posted it immediately just on that grammar alone, so I’d hope others did as well.

    Video could definitely use some edits. It’s probably only coherent to those that have followed this story. If i was some gallery owner or dumb toy kid that knew nothing I wouldn’t fully get what is going on here.

    We love minivans. I’d pimp that ride just like this one…

  5. Jigga Man says:

    Reupload that shit to vimeo. got taken down just now.

  6. chrisfyb says:

    Video is down already.

  7. Digital Bath Salts says:

    Second clue, he used that pink color he uses to paint his my little ponies.

  8. franco balducci says:

    Video is down..

  9. Control says:

    Pathetic how quickly BoobTube takes these videos down. I’m sure it’ll be back online soon enough.

  10. digital bath salts says:


    He said “I’m not “pointing any fingers” on who it is “.


    That has got to be the best use of innuendo ever.

  11. mr cope2 says:

    that video is fake ok!!!!!! its only ovies personal attack against me!!!! real mofos know i aint nooooooo snitch fuck outta here!!!!! i know who posted it back up and will get dealt with when i catch them!!!! the video got taken down cause they know its fake!!!! be real about what you post up its all good in time the truth always comes out!!! so fuck yous all suck my fat dick!!!! ya just a bunch of jealous ass haters!!! theres no real proof or documents on me and never will be cause ya know i aint no snitch!!! lets cut the bs and keep it real stop trying to ride off my fame and your mistakes!!!! its really sad how mofos just disrespect and suck me so much!!! lets see some real evidence!!! im a snitch not some fake paperwork and video done by ovie cause he has a personal issue with me!!!! how im i a snitch if i got arrested way after utah ether and ovie!!!! go do the math ok!!!! i rest my case!! be real not fake!!!

  12. Control says:

    Blah blah blah, Go huff and puff to someone that gives a shit – lord knows we don’t.

  13. digital bath salts says:

    That post by Cope is only semi illiterate, therefore I believe it was written by Indie. Ratnando doesn’t have enough brain cells left to write that decently.

  14. digital bath salts says:

    Why did Cope never hit the 7 line ?

    He can’t count that high .

  15. digital bath salts says:

    Cope said:

    How im i a snitch if i got arrested way after utah ether and ovie!!!!

    Ratnando ? Do you know who Sammy Gravano is ?

    He too, just like you, was arrested post-snitching.

  16. Colombian Druglord says:

    all the !!!!!!’s in the world wont make that video fake. or the paperwork. After all, they were clearly written by a lawyer regarding a real case that real people went to jail for. so start being real ok!!! LOL.

  17. Cope2 says:

    for the last god dam time i aint no snitch!!! im not gnna be so easy next time i see you ether. then we will see. indie might take care it herself lmao

  18. Control says:

    What happened? Caps lock key broke?

    Last I checked this is not Ether’s blog.

  19. bfw says:

    reup that vid

  20. DFM says:

    “reup that vid”


  21. honey boo boo says:

    if its fake why is it down. if its fake it should need to be taken down, there are plenty of fake videos online. I don’t know cope2 personally and identified know ether. to have him dissing mul seems like he’s the odd man out. all the rants don’t help either, just ignore all the speculation, and shit talking. though I can’t say I wouldn’t do the same thing, going ape on everyone. the internet sure is great at spreading rumors! whoever snitched, you’re a rat snake, shit heal, back stabbing bitch.
    hashtag snitches get stitches. bitches get put in ditches
    yadda yadda blah blah blah

  22. honey boo boo says:

    shouldn’t* need to be taken down

  23. 2Bitches1OG says:

    What I don’t understand is how Cope 2 has the ability to bomb all over, on video, with his face right out in the open, and he still walking the streets?

  24. deCay says:

    Utah and Ether are busted artists anyways. I can’t find a single piece, throwie or train they have put down that I would be proud of. Not even on a drunk night…

  25. Devil, Baphomet, Satan says:

    deCay ?

    Why you trying to change the topic from Cop 2 being a rat snitch ?

  26. Control says:

    Probably because he’s a cunt.

  27. to all internet writers….I went to school with cope 2 ,junior high as well as high school….ask any writers …real writers old school nyc transit bombers,,,cope is straight up…no bullshit…he has no reason to lie, unlike all the wanna be real deal graff heads…just keeping it real…..

  28. Control says:

    This site isn’t for ‘internet writers’. I don’t doubt cope’s history as a street writer that put in work, but in recent years he’s lied and done some really decidedly unreal shit like paying cedar to go fight ether for him and dry snitch them to authorities. If you don’t know the recent history you’ve been out of the game too long. People change over time.

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