The Poconos Complaint

Published on: October 15th, 2012 | Last updated: June 18, 2016 Written by:

LTV Press is proud to announce our 4th and perhaps most hilarious publication: The Poconos Complaint

Deep in the woods of the Poconos lays an abandoned resort where no one can hear you scream. Or break windows, or throw what’s left of the furniture off the balconies or all those other awesome fun things one can do in a completely trashed, absolutely worthless abandoned set of buildings.

This location-specific book takes a long hard look through the eyes of pissed off guests at the slow, painful decline of The Poconos Garden Lodge – a resort once owned by the much more infamous ‘Mt Airy Lodge’ (which itself was bankrupted, abandoned and completely bulldozed and replaced by a casino of the same name). The book is comprised entirely of darkly humorous complaint letters from actual guests and the responses sent back to them by inept hotel management who seemed to be in absolute denial of the decay setting in around them. These letters are illustrated by more recent photos showing the post apocalyptic state of the grounds today.

86 pages, Full color photos. 8.5 x 11 inches

Get yours here. $15

Publication date: October 15, 2012
ISBN: 978-1479134045

4 responses to “The Poconos Complaint”

  1. Zeed says:

    Is that heart shaped hot tub a time machine too?

  2. nailhed says:

    I only wish i had the complaint book for the Hotel Leland in downtown Detroit…it’s notorious for similar reasons, but it is still in business.

    a quick search on Yelp or similar websites will turn up some pretty hilarious results, hell, i could probably publish a similar book just based on those!

    some of my favorites include descriptions by unwitting overseas guests arriving at this shit hole, telling of how the fixtures in their rooms were jerry-rigged together or totally decaying, graffiti found on the walls by guests, used condoms found in the sheets, reports of homeless people harassing them in the halls, loud “profanity” at all hours, knife-fights in the elevator….

  3. Control says:

    Amazingly there is a similar hotel in NYC – The Hotel Carter – it’s a block away from times square and rents rooms for like 100 a night or something (every other hotel in the area is at least double that). Sadly they posted a security guy at the door so it doesn’t seem very violent, though the bed bugs seem to be eating people alive there regardless.

  4. arntz says:

    Bedbug central for NYC is the White House Hostel on the Bowery. $35/night for your very own bedbug-infested ceilingless chamber. I killed 5 of them on my pillow and brought it down to the front desk at 2 AM for a refund, then went and pounded martinis at the Japanese restaurant on the next block until they closed at 4:00 before passing out on the subway with the homeless people (it was a cold night) to wait for the first bus back to Boston in the morning.

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