Art Basel 2012 & why u should be ashamed of urself …

December 11th, 2012 by

Control and I were sitting down with a very talented aerosol artist  a few months back  who will rename nameless.

The nameless states " I hate vandalism, why does it always have to be in the Ghetto, think about it... "

Control and I looked at each other, and laughed at him.

After going to Art Basel 2012, I "GET" it.

You can read how awesome the art was on other blogs.

I'm bringing the ugly side.

First, too much left over artwork from 2011.

2012 spots only covered a small portion of the 2011 work. People like Ghost RIS used to have to spend their days doing the low crawl around train yards to express this artform known as wildstyle.  A city is throwing walls at the world to paint yet  only  portion of them gets covered ? Something is not right with that picture.  Stop smoking $10 less worth of reefer a week and save the money for Art Basel 2013. Buy some plane tickets at Jetblue as soon as you find out the 2013 dates and stop making excuses. Tip for those that don't fly that much, the further away you buy tickets from the departing flight date, the cheaper they are. JetBlue is always cheap, I've done NY/FT Lauderdale under $150 round trip before, just buy the tickets a few months early. If you don't mind sleeping in some shitty hotels, Priceline Negotiator and Orbits works well, plenty of coin left over for your dollar menu.



The further away you get from the Wynwood district, the graf gets diluted. Your not gonna see Wen COD next to a multi-million dollar high rise. The walls in the Ghetto are reserved for the Graf portion of Art Basel.  No matter how free the walls, no matter how awesome it is to paint  in December in flip flops with a palm tree backdrop and a priceless horizon, you still opted for sloppy seconds, leftovers...   Lets face it,  the Miami Dept of Tourism took your $10 can of spraypaint ass and dumped you on the Haitan communities walls, all while they laugh their way to the bank. The Haitians don't get a choice whether they get Sheppard Fairey or a 90 foot GUK fire extinguisher tag.  I give props to Wen for making a statement on all the pop-graf (see Wen photo). What happened to the days of renegade graf and being the "anti" ? Make a statement, dont settle for less. Dondi..Voice of the Ghetto. Koch and crew are cheating you, Sane 182. Know ya history or ya doomed to repeat it...

Enjoy the pics.









6 responses to “Art Basel 2012 & why u should be ashamed of urself …”

  1. Phoenix says:

    New York to Florida and back for $150?!?! I’m traveling more.

    Amazing graff, a lot of this. That Jick character looks to have the same symbol as Trap/Dart.

  2. DigitalBeatSyndrome says:

    Phoenix… literally months in advance… motherfuckin months… dont expect that shit last minute for like a funeral or something… orbits rocks… if you dont mind nasty fuckin hotels… you can pay extra with orbits for a 4-5 star hotel but they pick it, thats the catch for the discount. All they do is fill empty rooms in hotels, the room is worthless to the hotel empty.

  3. DigitalBeatSyndrome says:

    The Europeans also give there paint away the day they leave cause they cant bring it on the plane and it cost too much to ship back.

  4. nailhed says:


    yeah i often wonder just how much some of these flashy designer art school kids’ murals that are plastering Detroit now COST in terms of paint, and just how they can afford all that. gimme a nice old school black & white piece any day.

  5. Control says:

    Average piece has to be somewhere btw. 50 and 100 bucks. Some guys get cheaper hookups on paint and there are always cheap dollar cans but you need to be good quality stuff if you’re doing anything more than catching tags on clean walls, elsewise it’s just not going to coat the wall.

    Graff is a fucking expensive hobby, I think that’s why it’s dying out to a degree. That and kids are pussies today compared to years back when kids were willing to fight and risk their lives for the game. Not all that unlike UE really… lotta pussies out there.

  6. digital bath salts says:

    Alot of them mural kids are sponsored by Ironlak… If you painted alongside a Euro artist chances are you were getting there leftover paint if that was their last day there.

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