The Country of No

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When we were growing up, we were always told no. No, you sit across the street from school waiting for friends (cops would chase you away). No you can’t get a car. No you can’t grow your hair out, or wear those pants. No you can’t have this, drink that, or smoke the green stuff. No, no no. We spend our entire teenage years being told No. We spend those years waiting endlessly to be ‘grown up’ and allowed to make our own decisions.

So what happens when you finally reach adulthood? No. No you can’t work from home even if your job is entirely online and you just had dental surgery and can’t speak. No, you can’t park there or even walk there if you’re in the suburbs (why are you walking around here? what are you a crook?). No, you’re not allowed to take photographs here. You must be a terrorist. No you can’t just go through a metal detector and get on a plane – get ready for the strip search granny. No, you can’t expect to do better than your parents. The American Dream? No, you can’t have it. Work as hard as you want, the banksters get the cash and you get nothing.

Don’t ask, because the answer is No.

No, if you’re gay you can’t get married. No, you still can’t smoke that green stuff. If you’re in NYC, No you can’t have salt, sugary snacks, or a 32oz. diet coke. No, you can’t own a gun, despite the fact that more people are killed with hammers every year than firearms.

No, you can’t climb up on that roller coaster that is now in the ocean. No, there aren’t any actual laws that apply (you can’t be trespassing in the ocean, you can’t be ‘recklessly endangering’ anyone other than yourself – and if that’s a crime why do we still have bars and casinos?).

No, No, No.

Well America, how is ‘NO” working out for you?

Well America, how is ‘NO” working out for you?

The rich are getting richer, the poor have nothing (food stamps don’t come close to feeding anyone). Higher education is too expensive for anyone with half a brain to put themselves into that sort of debt. No universal health care, so insurance is nearly worthless and getting more expensive every year. No new revenue from legalizing and taxing weed. No innovation, no imagination. No rights and no good jobs.

Is this the America we want?

I think you know the answer…


5 responses to “The Country of No”

  1. Zeed says:

    A small price to pay for the dope and the guns and the rape, it should all be okay!

  2. digital bath salts says:

    Is this the America we want?

    Negative fife niner .

  3. digital bath salts says:

    Graffitti art in Miami.

    NO, but if you want to TTB the shit out of the Haitan portion town go right ahead. We’ll label it Art Basel and make a small million or two off of the tourism.

  4. Ubermunch says:

    In NYC I like to smoke weed out of a gun… fuck Bloomberg

  5. Angel 10 says:

    And this is called the “land of the free”? And does “home of the brave” mean: “Hey, let’s see how much shit they can stand?”
    I wish you strength brothers and sisters…

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