Behind Grand Central Terminal’s Massive Tiffany Clock

January 31st, 2013 by

Since today marks the 100th anniversary of the opening of Grand Central Terminal, I thought it might be nice to take you to a part of the station that is rarely seen by the public at large: Inside the massive clock overlooking 42nd street and Park Avenue South. This is the largest Tiffany clock in the world. Measuring 14 feet in diameter and constructed of stained glass, It is a priceless one of a kind gem.

Getting In
Accessing the space behind the clock is basically impossible. You either need to know someone that works here or be a master of disguise. It is only accessible via a ladder, which is located in the back of a closet of one of the most heavily secured rooms in NYC. There are literally dozens of cameras lining the hallways leading to this portion of the station, along with special keys, access cards, and the occasional roving MTA police patrols complete with k9s and the occasionally automatic rifles. I rate the average person's chances of getting into this room at around .01 (slightly above zero, and well into the 'you'll go to jail if you try' range.

So how did you get in?
One of the two options listed above. Or maybe we flat out got in there nearly a decade ago when there was no security and simply never posted photos of it until now.

The truth is, my soon to be wife got me in there - making her significantly more badass than even I am.

What's in there?
Not really anything. There's a short series of ladders that brings you up into a confined space directly behind the clock. There's a few tags on the walls, some decades old. The only noise comes from 42nd street down below. The old well oiled clock is silent in it's work. Like time itself, and this post, there is nothing else to say.

5 responses to “Behind Grand Central Terminal’s Massive Tiffany Clock”

  1. PegLegGuy says:

    Really nice.




  2. Phoenix says:

    Sweet shots!

    Safety Last, anyone?

  3. nailhed says:

    fuckin marvelous. this is even better than my own similar stunt of sneaking up into the tower of the Wayne County Courthouse (though that was decidedly NOT with permission).

    i was just discussing this yesterday with my colleague, that both the Warren & Wetmore designed terminals (Detroit & NYC) will be turning 100 this year. but Detroit’s won’t be until December 26. also, it’s in decidedly different straits so to speak.

  4. Navi says:

    Whoa nelly!

  5. mr.see says:

    Straight clock pr0n right there. Been on a clocktower spree in Melbourne AU, but this thing is just beautiful. Love the craftsmanship in those old mechanisms.

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