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Debunking the Darwin Value of this infamous ‘standing on the tracks’ photo.

Published on: February 3rd, 2013 | Last updated: October 16, 2016 Written by:

Girls on tracks – scary stupidity or…?

Dem Bitches Be Up In There!

A photo has been floating around Reddit (and the rest of the internet) for some time now. The overwhelming reaction to it has largely been ‘wow – what a bunch of stupid girls who are about to get run over’. This ‘your going to die’ pansy-nannyism was also picked up by Gothamist. The joke, however, is on the judgmental fools who don’t understand where this photo was taken. They’ve all been trolled hard.

So let’s get into that: This was taken in the Fulton Street station in downtown Manhattan, along the J line. You can view many photos of that station here for comparison – just scroll down to the BMT Station subheader

This station is CLOSED on weekends. The J train does not run south of Chambers all weekend, every weekend (unless there is a planned detour on a different line).

In this rare case, the nearest subway train wasn’t minutes or seconds away. It was 2 days away.

Yes, the third rail power stays on through the weekends. So yes, they could have died by stepping on it, though no one in this photo is as dumb as the internet has tried to portray them to be. They all survived. No one got hurt, no authorities had to respond, and there is no need for global nannyism here. Wandering subway tracks is a decades old NYC youth tradition. Foamers did it until the homeless moved into the tunnels in the 70s. Graffiti artists wandered the subway tunnels to bomb laid up trains through the 1980s and early 90s. Few ever died in the process. Today, explorers have been rolling hard in tunnels keeping the tradition alive. There have been zero explorer deaths in the tunnels, ever (probably because we all know what we’re doing and learn the rules).

Those who refuse to take risks in life go nowhere and see nothing interesting. They are worthless dullards who will never invent, create, or build anything worth a damn. So we tip our skimasks towards these bold bitches who, even if they do nothing else with their lives – have trolled the internet pretty hard.

*Disclaimer: Swear to god, we were not there, did not take this photo and leak it online and have absolutely never, ever been in this station on a weekend. We have absolutely never trolled the internet with subway related content before which may or may not have been significantly more dangerous. Anyone with half a brain would know these girls are just Sean Vegezzi groupies.

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4 responses to “Debunking the Darwin Value of this infamous ‘standing on the tracks’ photo.”

  1. Kaiser Von Benchunfreightz says:

    Girls… Please next episode can you do the LIRR station… the IZ the Wiz one.

  2. Durun The Apeman says:

    The world is full of idiots, most of them live on the internet and are happy make up facts to fuel rants about other people who are having more fun than them.

  3. Chas Stanford says:

    I’m glad LTV is my primary NYC news source these days so I miss out on the mass keyboard idiocy… This brings up an interesting point too: did any graf writers besides SLICK and SONI ever die in the tunnels? I’m unaware of any but…

  4. Control says:

    There was that one writer killed at 36street maybe 2 years back? Spook rtd died in 90 or 91 – he wasn’t hit by a train – the voltage got him.

    When you think of all the writers that have gone down there over the last 35 years, the amounts of deaths is quite low – even compared to MTA track workers.

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