Fr8 Chronicles Part 2 – Tig ole’ Bitties

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Leroy Brown


Dark on Dark Hating









4 responses to “Fr8 Chronicles Part 2 – Tig ole’ Bitties”

  1. Angel 10 says:

    First one says definetly ROTONE.
    Those tiny marker tags are really funny. Maybe they are done by workbums because you’ll never see them if you’re not next to the train. Definetly not traditional graff in the sense of gettin up.

  2. Mikey says:

    I was wonderin where those ex: TPIX cars were goin. funny they still have the Tropicana logo.

  3. Control says:

    Those little market tags are better knows as ‘monickers’ and were started by hobos taking free rides on freight trains. That’s not to say the workers don’t tag trains sometimes too. In fact on LI there were workers writing ‘the workers!’ On cars for awhile! Lol!

    Weird but true. My favor worker tag so far was ‘ WAKE UP FOLEY – because it’s true.

  4. Kaiser Von Benchunfreightz says:

    You got the Juice now !

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