Montauk Steel, Long Island City

March 12th, 2013 by

Montauk Steel was located on Borden Avenue in L.I.C., on land that was once part of the LIRR's old Wheelspur yard. There is currently very little information about this company on the internet, so here's what I can tell you.

According to The Google, Montauk Iron & Steel put out this catalog, which is titled: "Montauk Iron & Steel Co. Manufacture Wrought Iron from Magnetic Ores by the Use of the Danamora Patent Furnaces". The catalog description gives an overview of what they made:

"The Iron is Entirely Fibrious, Perfectly Uniform, Uncrystaline, Possessing Unequalled Tenacity and Strength; United States Test Gave 76,000 Lbs. Tensional Strength Per Square Inch. : They Manufacture the Montauk Cast Steel from this Iron, which Produces a Superior Steel in Uniformity, Toughness and Strength, Rolled Hammered Or Swedged Into Any Size Or Shape, to Order, for Tools, Drills, Dies, Springs, Tires, Shafts, Arbors, &c. : Also from Their Decarbonized Steel Carbine, Rifle, & Pistol Barrels, Swords, Cultery, &c. : Magnetic Iron Ores, from Their Own Mines, Sold by the Cargo, Delivered at Tide Water, Mott Haven."

They were in business from at least 1941 until 1980. These photos are from 2001 or 2002. The warehouse building here was always locked up real good, and I never saw it actually open or in use. At the time it had faded 'Montauk Steel' lettering painted across it's exterior. The side lot and rear of the building were completely abandoned at that time. In this lot were all the vehicles and strange junk you see in these photos - most of it clearly quite old. The trucks had registration stickers last updated in 1979 and 1980, and had clearly sat rusting for the prior 20 years.

Not long after I took these photos, the lot was cleaned up and is still currently in use. The warehouse, also, is in use.

If you happen to know more about what Montauk Steel did, what working conditions were like, or just their day to day operations and main customers, please comment below.

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    They did your momma.

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    Great work. Love to see close ups of the worthy graf.

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