Miami Marine Stadium

March 26th, 2013 by

An abandoned stadium with awesome views of downtown Miami? Sure.

The Miami marine stadium currently is an abandoned wreck. While it is structurally sound, it was closed in 1992 after Hurricane Andrew. Here's a boatload more from Wikipedia

The 6,566 seat stadium was built in 1963 on land donated for "water sports," and designed by architect Hilario Candela, then-a 28-year-old recent immigrant from Cuba. It was dedicated as the Ralph Munroe Marine Stadium opened, completed at a cost of around $2 million ($15.2 million, adjusted for current inflation). A speed boat racer, James Tapp, was killed on opening day. The venue, located just south of Downtown Miami, was revered for its scenic views of Downtown and Miami Beach, hosting motorboat events, and events featuring the likes of Mitch Miller, Sammy Davis, Jr., and U.S. President Richard Nixon (whose seasonal winter residence, dubbed "the Florida White House," was on nearby Key Biscayne).

Our man in Miami, DigitalBeatSyndrome, brought us over here while visiting town. On previous attempts at access, he ran into cops parked out front and gates locked tight. Today though, everything was wide open. Just inside the gate were teams of guys running around the stadium shooting paintballs at each other. There's at least a dozen of these motherfuckers - so we're careful not to walk into one of their firefights. Paintballing isn't a big thing in NYC, so walking into this situation was a bit surreal.

Once up into the seating area the surrealness just grew... up top there's a photo shoot going on with some slinky latin girl. Then we look behind us and there's an old tourist couple just walking around like they own the place.

So much for this place being any sort of challenge to break in. They may as well roll up with tour buses and show everyone the awesome graffiti that can be found within these battered walls.

Much like NYC's High Line, Miami's marine stadium will probably be preserved and rebuilt, for better or worse.

3 responses to “Miami Marine Stadium”

  1. Digitalbeatsyndrome says:

    I was trying to teach those paintball kids how to do the low crawl. Shoot from a low position with less chances of getting nailed. Hindsight says you may have felt like it was cheating the access was so easy. Next visit, I’m bringing crab/lobster traps, a hibachi grill, and 2 dozen Rusto.

  2. Control says:

    I’d be totally down for doing that, of course.

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