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Motorcycle Anarchy fixed in one easy step.

Published on: October 2nd, 2013 | Last updated: October 16, 2016 Written by:

The cure to crazy motorcyclists swarming the roads of NYC is simple: let them have a Sunday morning to go for a drive free of car traffic.

The city already grants a permit for the 5 boro bike tour – so why not have the 5 boro crotchetrocket tour?

While we are at, how about a no speed limit night on the FDR? I’d pay 100 bucks to rip around the Manhattan loop at midnight without fear of arrest.

One could argue that the events we saw this past weekend (Bikers vs. an SUV) happen in part due to city government saying no to some people while playing favorites with others.

Drivers and motorcycle riders in NYC get the shaft: we get all the nonsense tickets (even when we follow the rules) while non-motorized cyclists break all the rules every single day and never get caught because they are not mandated to have a license plate and don’t carry insurance. Why should these assholes be rewarded with a day of taking over roads all over NYC?

If motorcyclists and cage drivers can’t have a legal day to have some fun, no one else should. Give these crotchrocket riders their day to ride around like lunatics. It’ll be far easier to charge them some cash and make money off of such events (that there is clearly a huge demand for given how many riders came out) than to risk more road rage and waste boatloads of money trying to stop it from happening at all.

Just like with Weed, if you legalize it you’ll take the assholes out of the equation and everyone wins valuable cash prizes.

Let’s do this shit. People will pay big money and come from other countries to do this – and maybe, just maybe, NYC will be fun again for a (fucking) change.

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