Iron Triangle, December 2013

December 3rd, 2013 by

The iron triangle is a true working mans neighborhood. Filled with makeshift auto shops, an iron works, junkyards, a trash transfer facility and (oddly enough) a spice factory. Here - people work and work hard, in an area deprived of virtually all city services.

The auto shops are the majority of businesses located here. The clientele is a mix of everyone imaginable - Asian, Spanish, old white guys. You name it. Everyone comes for a cheaper price on repairs than you'd ever get at a dealership, or maybe a falsified inspection for a few bucks above the usual rate. Besides, where are you suppose to find a new window and mirror for a 1989 Ford Escort after you ran down the guy trying to steal the 20 buck radio from it?

It's an intimidating place to the uninitiated. There are loads of guys just seemingly standing around doing nothing but waiting to strangle someone. Spend some time here though and you quickly realize that most of them are customers - bored and waiting on repairs. The workers are busy - under the cars, fetching parts. They're friendly too - though you better know Spanish if you want to strike up detailed conversations.

The only women you'll find here is the lady driving the minivan full of food and other snack peddlers pushing shopping carts. It takes a rare hearty woman to enjoy spending time in a rough area like this one.

There are no sewers. The streets don't have potholes - they have craters, pooling with black oil laced water. Police presence here is basically non existent. At night during the warm months, trucks roll in to blast music and improvised street parties are the norm.

The iron triangle is also an area who's time is long rumored to be up. The city is apparently going to begin demolition work soon, though to see it in person, there are no signs of anything changing soon. A few businesses have left, though after 12 years of hostility from city hall, a new mayor and city council may or may not be in a rush to 'clean up' this area. Time, of course, will tell.

6 responses to “Iron Triangle, December 2013”

  1. nailhed says:

    must…eliminate…all eyesores…from gotham….

  2. Kenji says:

    Dude, looks like the 70s hooked up with Mexico and had a baby. Lord.

  3. 147 says:

    is that deli still there? man they made a killing when shitti field was being built!

  4. Control says:

    Deli is still there – is it any good? The idea of buying food in that area just seems like an invite to food poisoning.

  5. 147 says:

    Control ,wouldnt go out of my way to eat there mostly just services the people who work in the shops around there. cause there is nothing else around there but cant go wrong with a bacon egg and cheese.

  6. knox says:

    i used to drink beers here in the shadiest bar/deli/hang out when i was 16

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