The 12 Days of Looting 2013 – Day 11

Published on: December 22nd, 2013 | Last updated: December 21, 2013 Written by:


While looting a large abandoned industrial building, 383Fury is pillaging one office while I work the other. He comes to the door and says ‘You’re the photographer, you’ll want this’.


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4 responses to “The 12 Days of Looting 2013 – Day 11”

  1. nailhed says:


  2. n2qhvRMLI says:

    It’s been a good week on the Island too. Five work bum vests in “like new” condition, (just needed to be laundered to bring out that orange glow), and one “like new” helmet!! All from dumpster diving – go figure 🙂

  3. jonrev says:

    Nice. Good shape, too; the cheapsie brown material doesn’t usually hold up well at all. Punch the serial number into this site and it will tell you when it was made:

    If you use it: a company called Impossible now makes the film… otherwise some dumb hipster will easily cough up three figures for it.

  4. Control says:

    Holy awesome. According to that site it was made in june 1976. I heard about impossible and do look forward to buying some film for it sooner or later. My repair guy said it looks like it’s in good working order. So far as I know it sat in a drawer in the office it was found in this entire time (and would be in a landfill right now if we didn’t find it).

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