Tomb of the Unnamed + Repent Tunnel

June 16th, 2014 by

The end of this tunnel was once filled with the ashes of many unnamed victims. Ashes of those who met a horrid death that I watched with my own eyes and could smell and taste for days beyond. You don't forget something like that, ever.

Today, many of those ashes have seeped away - lost in time and the ever flowing water that passes through the NYC subway system every day.

I've said too much about this aspect of the tunnel already, and yet, never enough. Words are rarely enough - so let's move on.

This isn't the only thing of interest in this tunnel.

The walls speak loudly of the beef between Ghost & RTW crew. A fine people of graffiti history that lives on today, decades after the fact.

The walls also speak the word of... someone. Someone with OCD. Someone who has scribbled the same word over and over along the walls for years. Someone clearly insane, who has probably spent a few too many hours in this darkness (then again, is that possible?).

That word?


In a tomb of wars such as this one, perhaps it is wise advice?

4 responses to “Tomb of the Unnamed + Repent Tunnel”

  1. PegLegGuy says:

    Nice shots.

    Quite a backstory eh?


  2. Parsifal says:

    What the hell are you talking about who were those people?! Very interesting page!

  3. StonedSnake says:

    The souls of suburbia. Yup that sounds right.

  4. enter.theunderground says:

    Me thinks you’re talking about 9/11 victims. Very well worded.

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