SaneSmith Busted

Published on: February 22nd, 2015 Archived by:

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  1. Ven AOK says:

    I was there this night, along with JA, Enuf and Natz. JA and I were doing throwups on a line of B Slant 40’s in the first lane against the wall. We had just gotten to the tenth car when Enuf came running over saying he heard cops with walkie talkies in the lane where Smith was doing a piece. I think it was over the 3rd lane parallel of 4th lane where there is one open spot where you can do a piece and take a nice photo of it. JA and I asked Enuf are you sure it is not workers stating we just filled in ten throwups and don’t want to leave them outlined if it’s only workers. He’s like no man, lets get the fuck out of here. So without seeing anyone we bolted quietly out towards the front. Next day we learned from Sane that our pal Smitty got nabbed. JA and I were quite shocked because we really did think it was workers. Glad Enuf was on top of his game that night. He saved our asses.

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