The Octagon, Roosevelt Island – 2005 reconstruction

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Publish Date: 8/7/2005

We make our way around and find an entrance right by a security trailer. This security trailer... it bugs me out a bit. I can't tell if anyone is in it, but I know someone's in this building we're heading for. You can just sorta feel that sort of thing sometimes. You can almost smell it...

While this may seem like just another big ass construction site to the naked eye, in one corner of the building is a wall that predates the rest of the building by at least 100 years.

How is this possible, you may ask?

The building that once stood here was ripped down except for one small section. Later on preservationists and developers who are building this new building on the footprints of the old one decided the best thing to do is to incorporate the old structure into the new one.

In a perfect world according to me the orignal small abandoned building would have just been left alone. Rot is a wonderful thing me thinks. But if it's got to go, it's better to see it put back to use than to be bulldozed like so many other spots are.

All of this said we made our way up to the roof to look down on the security trailer and take in the view... keeping an eye out for our friends in the Aviation Unit.

After the mandatory photo spree we make our way back out, stopping at the bathroom to find a motherload of SACER tags.

Back at the gate now, we prepare to leave. I just spotted two people outside of the gate. Security? Who knows. They disappear soon thereafter, but now we've got a new problem. I look over to the building and spot two shadows strolling right past us. We get down and wait as they go by.

Just as we think it's all clear, two black people come around a corner and boom - there it is.

They drop some lawn chair pillows they had bogarted from some seats that we're standing by and squeeze out of the gate without saying a word. Only at that moment do I notice one of them is a girl with a big old' butt barely covered by short shorts

I have to surpress my laughter as we exit.

9 months from now, I can only imagine what they will name the baby.

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