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LIRR Junk Train at Arch Street

Published on: August 20th, 2015 | Last updated: November 2, 2016 Written by:

In early 2012 the LIRR stored a string of their M3 type rail cars at the ‘new’ Arch Street shop

(more on the history of arch street in an upcoming post). At first they were stored as one train along the northernmost track. A few more cars arrived in 2013, and they were all shuffled around a bit over the span of a few weeks. At one point there were 17 M3s stored here, though at least a half dozen left by the end of summer 2013. The MTA started renting the space around the shop building to Fresh Direct for truck storage (since the shop building isn’t going to be used for awhile). The days turned into weeks, and the weeks have turned to years. Here we are in 2015, and the junk LIRR train remains.

Parked right behind 5ptz, and in full view of the #7 subway train, it was hard not to notice this string of scrap metal. People finally started painting it 2014.

Exploring here was a good time – all you have to do is be sneaky. Once on board, you’ll find the cars are either gutted or filled with empty boxes and rubbish. Panels have been popped open, wires exposed & cut. The cab of car 9863 is gone, along with the entire interior of the car. Further back, the last of the LIRR M3 cars with a blue stripe on it’s nose sits hidden from public view, devoid of headlights.

Eventually these cars will be sold for scrap. The M3 cars that remain in service on the LIRR are all set to be retired in the next 5 years pending delivery of new ‘M9’ cars to replace them.


Graffitied junk train behind 5ptz, which is being demolished in these photos…

5ptz and the junk train from high, high above. The LIRR shop building is to the upper right, surrounded by fresh direct trailers.

This is a hell-bound LIRR local train, Next stop, Nowhereville.

Cabless M3


Fuzzy, empty interior


Blue Stripe, last of its kind.

Another gutted cab.

Layers of Logos

Moar 7

Filthmongers Delight.

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2 responses to “LIRR Junk Train at Arch Street”

  1. Angel 10 says:

    Funny that they let their stock sit around that long without being reused or sold. How long have those cars been in service?

  2. Control says:

    In service, early 1980s. They’ve been out of service at least since 2012, probably longer. Maybe they’re waiting on some bond to be paid off, which is the rumor of why the trailer bogies are still around despite many never turning a wheel in revenue service.

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