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Former Aigner Index factory (44-16 23rd street, LIC)

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This 2 floor factory space was built sometime between 1922 and 1944. The original occupant was the Aigner index company, which still exists today (based in upstate NY). They occupied the building through at the 1960s (and perhaps even later) according to records in an industrial catalog (Book Production Industry, Volume 6; Volume 44). It was but one of many paper product companies that were part of NYC’s industrial heritage. Later, the building was used by the Fred M Lawrence frame company – which also eventually moved out of NYC (this time, to Long Island). By 2015, the building was vacant.







This spring it was gutted and is currently being offered for lease as commercial space. Strangely, the building is under a 99 year lease, which for this neighborhood is bold move. Nearly all former industrial buildings of this size in the immediate area have become the target of resident condo tower developers. Just across the street, the former Andrea radio warehouse is being demolished to make way for a 66 floor residential tower. I don’t want to sound like I’m complaining though – there’s still plenty of life in these old industrial buildings.




Getting in here was a breeze. At the time the interior was undergoing demolition to remove the existing, original plumbing, bathrooms, and partitions. Realtors were already marketing the building for retail use, as signs were set up to proclaim the buildings virtues to potential tenants.



Meanwhile, the roof became a very short-lived graffiti haven, covered in Vex throwies and straight letters. Being level with the 7 train, this was a pretty unsurprising turn of events.




Eventually, the entire building was repainted, with new windows and flooring installed. It’s still unoccupied, though that will likely change in the coming weeks and months.

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