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How Graffiti Can Play A Role in The Resistance.

Published on: January 30th, 2017 | Last updated: July 4, 2017 Written by:

We are living in some truly disturbing times. Graffiti is part of the solution.

The USA is currently being lead by a man-child with a severe psychological disorder. Some argue he is nothing but a puppet of Steve Bannon, a racist nazi who can’t even tell his own twin daughters apart. Their agenda is clear: “make amerikkka great again’ – via mass deportations of non-whites, suppression and abuse of women, throwing away money on a wall that largely already exists, and ‘law and order’ suppression of city dwellers.

During these terrifying times, what can a normal, rational person do? There are plenty of society sanctioned methods of defying our new nazi overlords. You can (and should) donated to non-profits who are trying to protect women’s rights and the environment.

If you’re a creative type though, Graffiti is a great outlet.

Graffiti plays a vital role in the resistance. Graffiti can be used to point out local businesses (and chain stores) that support the new nazi order. Should you tag up banks that are funding the environmentally disastrous Dakota access pipeline? Or a tech company that went against a resistance strike? Absolutely.

Graffiti is an extremely powerful, visible way to spread the message of discontentment. Graffiti has long played a historic role in resistance. The Berlin Wall, for example, was covered in Graffiti. Many neighborhoods in Northern Ireland are demarcated with graffiti. Graffiti is a blunt, forward reminder to all that we are now in a state of war. A war against a tyrannical nazi regime that has so much contempt for the law themselves that they removed the judicial branch of the government from the white house website. They have also ignored court orders pertaining to travelers illegally being held at US airports. If the government is now going to completely disregard the rule of law, why shouldn’t you? Your nearest home improvement store has shelves full of spray paint just awaiting your anger.

IRA Mural and Berlin Wall Graffiti

Graffiti of course is illegal. You might be arrested for it. The result will likely be a small fine and ‘community service’ if you cop a plea. If you drag the case out into court, you might get lucky and have the case thrown out, as cops often screw up paperwork or give the wrong testimony at trial (example: saying a police officer stating in court you used a marker when the report they filed stated you actually had spray paint or a sticker – this type of mistake happens more often than you think). If you’re a little more risk-adverse, you can always use a projector. There’s nothing illegal about that. . Don’t wait for a protest – project your message onto any blank wall on a high traffic street, anytime after dark.

In these dark times, Graffiti can be a powerful outlet for stress relief. The adrenaline rush of doing it and potentially having to run from some angry hater will keep you fit and full of energy.

In the suburbs, people have lawn signs for their favorite political causes. In the city, we have graffiti. My message to all graffiti artists and aspiring creatives is pure and simple. Take control. Take control of your city. Take it back from the corrupt and give it back to your friends, family and loved ones. Take it back, for the people.

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