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You can now back LTVSquad via Patreon

Published on: July 18th, 2017 Written by:

We interrupt your regularly scheduled decay for an important announcement. You can now support this website via Patreon.

My goal here is simple: me and my squad love exploring, and we want to create even more awesome content to post online all the time – but we can’t do that alone.

As you may already know, ltvsquad.com, has been online since 2001. Various iterations of the site existed over the years, leading to the current site that is focused on well researched articles that dive deep into NYC’s history and photo essays showing spaces under NYC that you won’t see anywhere else. Researching and writing everything on the site takes a whole lot of time. On average, a properly researched article takes about four hours to write – and that of course does not include the time spent going out and photographing all these locations. Sometimes a really great location can take up to ten hours to research, assuming it has a rich enough history. For examples, check out our exploration of NYC’s legendary 5ptz graffiti mecca, or the nearby CN West chemical factory. And this is just articles of course, there’s plenty to be done with video footage that we currently have no time to edit and use.

We were the first to explore 5ptz and document its history

The time spent researching and writing is a large hidden cost. Editing video into valuable and fun stories also would take quite a bit of time for which we have no funding. We also currently don’t offer many tours and events simply due to the time constraints of managing them. It’s my hope those who enjoy what we do will support it through Patreon. To be clear, I’m personally going to keep writing, researching and exploring for a very long time – but having backers will help take it to the next level. It will allow for more time to create this awesome content, expand into video content, and to do it all with a renewed level of regularity.

Photo from an awesome place that has thus far gone undocumented. What happened here? Who worked here? what were there lives like? This is what we strive to document.

So what’s in for you? For starters, as many benefits as we can provide – You’ll get behind the scenes access to what we’re currently working, and regular updates of patron-only content you won’t find anywhere else. We’re also including discounts on LTV Press books and on our personalized tours. All of this comes at a $1 per month level of support. These are just starter benefits – we’ll be offering plenty as we get rolling along, and are all ears on what you’d like to see. Drop me an email anytime: control -at- ltvsquad.com. We’re at the very start of this initiative – so there are a lot of possibilities that will be rolled out in the coming months and years.

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