Winfield's Revenge

Author: Control , Date Posted: 2006-07-04 17:45:27
This abandoned spur and station were intended to be the terminal of a subway branch line that was never built. What sets it apart from some of the other 'provisions' that were built around the subway system is that this location contains a station that was fully tiled and completed.

Today, nearly 80 years later, the station is still there at least in part. Half of the island platform is used for storage of signs and supplies while the rest has been converted to offices and locked supply rooms.

Beyond the station lays a long dark section of tunnel, complete with space for a crossover and connection to othe manhattan bound local track of the active mainline below.

It is that very active, very busy mainline that one must walk to access this area, dodging trains through the darkness. Is it any wonder why this station is so infrequently photographed?

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