The Cyclotron

Author: Control , Date Posted: 2006-09-26 23:38:53
It is a strangely little known fact that the cyclotron that first split the atom on US soil and lead to the development of the nuclear bomb lays abandoned in the basement of a building at Columbia University.

While some parts of it were removed and brought to the Smithsonian institute, a very large chunk of it still resides here, tucked in behind a swarm of old equipment in a cramped basement room.

It has been this room that had strangely eluded multiple searches of this campus over the years. We'd been in this basement many times before, but the mysterous blue doors were always locked, and the more ominous looking walled off room at the end of the hall seemed much more likely a candidate to store such a thing.

We heard it was open though from Steve Duncan, and more or less the next day decided fuck it, let's take a look.

Finding the door open and no one around was a wonderful thing. After a few photos of it, well, we had some fun and went off tunneling around the rest of the campus, happily content to finally get in the right spot of this maze after all these strange years...

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