The River Nevs

Author: Control , Date Posted: 2007-11-25 23:17:22
The River Nevs, as I like to call it, is actually a stretch of subway tunnel named after the abandoned station found  along this route. Located below an active subway tunnel, this tunnel and station were built at great expense as a means to connect to a proposed subway line which was never built. The station was fully tiled, complete with the standard flair of tilework.

The station today is a netherworld along this pitch black tunnel. Water leaks in along the tunnel trackway rolling downhill to the station, sounding like a hundred demented voices chirping in the darkness. The constant runoff of water has necessitated the MTA to build a pump room located square in the middle of the trackway at one end of the station. If not for the pump room, this entire station would be submerged ages ago.

The platform itself has over the years become a storage area for various work projects. A rather odd collection of items can be found in these rooms dating back to the 1980s and perhaps beyond. Layers of dirt cover the floors and anything else left in this unique forgotten corner of the system.

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