Javits Basement

Author: Control , Date Posted: 2010-12-26 12:47:28
So we're approaching what we thought was the end of another night's mission poking around the underground of NYC when we stumble across a hatch left open on the side of a wall. We look in and find a ladder going down, then a few feet away, a ladder going back up to a ledge and around a corner. What the fuck is this? Where does it go?

We're all a bit jittery. About a half hour ago we set off an alarm on a door in the same tunnel. Within 2 minutes someone was on the other side of said door, jiggling it to make sure it was locked. That sort of thing never used to happen around here...

Curiosity, however, requires answers. There's lights on, and work equipment, but it's like 2AM on a Saturday night so you know there's no one around. I go down the ladder look around and find an open door into another room which looks like it goes back a long ways. I signal to the others to come on down.

Inside, it's nice and cozy. Vents pipes and live transformers keep the room toasty warm compared to the bitter chill that's blanketed the surface of New York Above. We find a table and take a seat, making some coffee with the newly stocked coffee maker and joke about the newspapers on the table - one of which is from last week, while the other one is from 20 years ago. I guess people don't come in here often. Everything is quiet except for the persistent buzz of transformers. We're surrounded by hundreds of thousands of volts of electricity. What is this place, some Con Ed room?

We eventually look around more- following doorways and dead end paths until finally one door pops open into a large hallway with a 4 wheel cart next to it. This foreshadows a large space.

We prop the door open so it won't lock behind us... and we keep looking around wondering just where the hell are we? There's emergency exit doors that are chained shut - and rooms with ample electricity in them. Wry of motion sensors, workers, and who knows what, we sloth around trying doors and looking for an answer as to where the hell we are. Finally we come to a corner and look down a hallway that is so long it practically disappears in infinity.

That's when it struck me. We're no longer in tunnels. This is the basement of a building, and there's only one structure in the neighborhood that is spread out in length this much: The Jacob Javits Convention Center.

We just accidentally made our way into the basement of the fucking convention center, in the middle of the night, and there's not a soul in sight.

Elated with silly delight, clearly we needed to stop again and have an improvised break in break dance session.

We find many many doors in this area leading to various rooms. Some with equipment storage, others for meeting use. We find a door into the food court, which is open to the public whenever there's an expo or convention in town. We make our way further back along the impossibly long hallway, Looking for signs of life and possible escape routes. We find neither, that is, until we get to the very end of the hallway.

We've rounded a corner and gone down a ramp into a area loaded with stage lights. The hallway continues into the darkness ahead, though to the left there's another hallway, leading to a desk. With chairs, and 2 security people sitting, eating fried chicken.

They stop and look at us. We stare back at them. Awkward.

The split second reaction of course is to get the hell out of there. We back up the way we came, walking quickly, then breaking into a full run when it becomes evident there's a curfluff of newly chicken eating security folks behind us in a disturbed confused frenzy of wondering just how the hell we snuck up on them. The impossibly long hallway flashes by with visions of holding cells in our heads. We round the corner and back into the door from which we entered. It locks behind us, so we're home free.

Through the doors, up the ladder, knocking over the ladder, back into the tunnels then back discreetly onto the street via a side street manhole. Into a bar, off the streets, out of sight out of mine and soon out of sobriety. This is the sort of adventure that makes this hobby so god damned addictive.

Big props to team Austria and my nigga Sleazy for the good times.

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