Mii Hospital - Post Auction

Author: Control , Date Posted: 2011-06-24 15:15:44
The lights were still on, though certainly no one was home.


This recently abandoned hospital was massive. With a long and storied history, this facility was a flagship care facility for a non-profit medical organization that found itself in the impossible position of having dwindling funds, being located in a low income area, and surging costs. Since it was closed, the contents of the building were auctioned off and the lights left on. Security is present, but when the facility is this huge, and guards being paid next to nothing, you know there's going to be a way in somehow.

The entire facility is now owned by a real estate developer who is notorious for neglecting his properties. It's future is absolutely questionable at this time of writing.


Getting in was surprisingly easy. This was my second time entering this building - the first time being before the auction. I'll post something about that in the weeks/months to come. While the first time was absolutely eerie, this round was a bit less shocking. The majority of the rooms were now empty. The lights are still on, but no one is home - except maybe that security guard we're easily avoiding.

The view from the windows shows a sad situation - a ghost of this institutions past if you will. A lone ambulance pulls up outside, sits and waits for awhile before going on it's next call. This was once a thriving, busy emergency facility that ambulances called upon all the time. The city hasn't updated where it's ambulance crew lays in wait though.

We make our way down the endless hallways, around corners and into rooms not seen before. As with so many buildings post-auction, there are random rooms full of content. Medical records, supplies, etc. For the most part though, it's all clean and clear.

Getting back out of this place is ironically a little more tense than getting  in. The later in the evening it gets, the more cops seem to be on the streets. Timing here really is everything. Once you're out though, you're free and clear... another night, another mission. Done.

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